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Best Practices to Reduce & Lower Electric Bills


More of us are wondering “How can I reduce my electric bill?” Well, whether you are strapped for money and want to reduce electricity bills, trying to go green, or simply looking for ways to reduce your carbon foot print, there are some very easy ways to do so. This helpful article is designed to shed some (free) light on the matter.

Today, not only are we trying to reduce the energy we use because we want to be environmentally conscientious, but we are striving to save a lot of money that we simply don’t have to waste in this economy. Perhaps more than ever, now is the best time to learn more about how to save our environment especially when you think of the rising cost of your electric bill. Who doesn’t want to learn about positively impacting our environment while reducing electric bills at the same time?

As you are reading over these great tips and power saving ideas, you may even become inspired to do more outside of your home too. Think of the ways you can cut costs at the office too. Just because you are not personally saving on electric bills while at work or outside the home, you are still impacting the environment in a positive manner by doing the right thing and following a couple simple tips we provide in this article on reducing electric bills.

Here are some simple things to consider when you want to lower that electric bill:

Do you leave that huge 37” Home Theater style TV on no matter if you are in the room or not? Are you really watching the TV or are you using it as background noise? If so, use a small radio instead. Consider using battery operated radios. In fact, reusable/rechargeable batteries are a great way to conserve energy and lower electric bills. The cost of charging the batteries is far less that running a huge TV or buying new (non-environmentally valuable batteries) every time. Better yet, do you need the background noise at all? Think of what your priorities are when it comes to this topic and try it out. A lower electric bill is certain when you do so.

Do you leave unnecessary appliances plugged in 24/7? When you are done drying your hair, making coffee, making toast, do you leave that appliance plugged in after that one usage? Whether you are using such items actively or not – if they are plugged in – they are not reducing electric bills. They are in-fact using electricity if they are simply just plugged in. When I first thought to myself “How can I lower my electric bill?” the simple fact of just realizing that I make toast MAYBE once a week while leaving the toaster plugged in the whole entire time was a huge (free) light bulb going off in my head.

Do you use plug-in home fragrance diffusers? Sure we all want a pleasant smelling home, but do we have to use electricity to acquire it? No. Unplug them and use one of a dozen great alternatives that are eco-friendly and safe to use. This equals a lower electric bill.

To reduce electric bills, simply turn out lights as you move from room to room. So many of us have the bad habit of turning on every light in the house and not even realizing we are doing so. Practicing this with reduce any utility bill.

Call your utility company where you are a paying customer and inquire about a free efficiency audit. Many, if not all utility companies now provide a free service where a technician will come to your home and show how to get a lower electric bill. This service is referred to as an eco-friendly audit, environmentally friendly audit, or many times called an energy audit. Trust that your utility provider will know what you are talking about whether you get the name right or not. They get a ton of calls every day from customers wanting a lower electric bill. Again, this service should cost you nothing. Your utility provider supplies this service because they also save money when you use less electricity, and let’s not forget - the environment is positively impacted as well.

Purchase light bulbs that are environmentally friendly. Fluorescent bulbs use 75% less energy and they last much longer than those cheap bulb you end up buys 5 of to last as long as one fluorescent bulb. This saves the planet and gets you a lower electric bill.

Upgrade your windows and weather stripping in your home. If your home is even 5-10 years old, there is a big possibility your windows are not helping you achieve a lower electric bill. This tip will cost you money up front but tax rebates and other rebates apply. Try feeling for air drafts under your doors that lead outside or your garage. This is one tip that so many people don’t even consider when working on reducing electric bills. That draft you may feel, even if it is tiny, is simply sucking cooler air from the inside of your home continually.So there you have it - 7, count'em, seven best practice tips to reduce your electricity and save on your electric bills.

Author: Amy Wermuth