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How to Become an Energy Auditor


Here is a fantastic opportunity we found for our Green Tips readers to learn about - certified energy auditing. Knowing that the green movement is certainly not going anywhere and that understanding and auditing energy is now of serious interest, why not get certified and earn some good income while being involved. After all, so many of us are finding ourselves perhaps not that busy at work, looking for a job, or simply looking for a new career. With the economy looking to turn towards a comeback, with the new high demand in environmentalism, it is a good idea to consider that not only will there be a huge demand in this burgeoning industry or the demand for us all to simply understand what it means to become an energy auditor. Even if you just want to be privy to energy, how it works, how to rate it and better comprehend how at all works, there just isn't a better time. This is a new topic we have learned about at, and an important prospect to share with our Green Tips readers.

Consider this: The energy audit industry is not just about homes. There are thousands and thousands of small businesses out there with the demand for bettering their energy usage. The market is in high demand due to the fact that the marketplace is very large. Needless to say, energy auditing is an eco-friendly industry, the hours you would work are flexible, you do not need previous experience to become certified, the income potential is very high, and it is easy to become certified.

We did some comprehensive investigating on the topic on how to become an energy auditor and found some very valuable and interesting information to pass on. First and foremost, you can become certified at home using a program you study at your convenience. The investment is minimal starting at about $300. There are variations of certification including commercial certification and home auditor certification.

Personal Reasons to Become an Energy Auditor

Even if you just want to learn how to audit your own home's energy usage, the investment would most likely pay for itself in less than a year. Simply put, you can learn how to conserve around 30% of your home's energy usage in a year. How much do you spend on energy costs at year? Whatever that dollar amount is, we are pretty sure that saving 30% of it is a number less than the cost of basic certification in energy auditing. The impact that savings will have on the future of our planet's environment alone is worthwhile.

Professional Reasons to Become an Energy Auditor

Considering a career in this industry is a wise decision too. We already know the demand for this job will only become more in demand as consumers and business owners will no doubt need and want to conserve the amount of energy they use and pocket the savings for other means. The demand for people to conserve in a bad economy is one thing, but the cost of energy is not going to decrease, people will always need to find better solutions to saving energy to cut costs, whether they own a business or need help at home with an audit. Again, this helps the planet's environment too.

We found an organization that offers a selection of certifications. How to become an energy auditor has been simplified by Energy Audit Institute. We looked into several organizations and found this energy audit certifier to be of great quality and usability. They make it simple, provide top-notch assistance. No matter what your experience level is with energy, how it works and how to conserve it, the programs provided by Energy Audit Institute are just what you need. Consider this and take a look for yourself..

Author: Amy Wermuth