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These days, if you mention the word sustainability, it's likely that a few good ears will perk up. In a world where natural resources and the environment are no longer invincible and unlimited, sustainability is certainly one of the most important words of the 21st Century. And while we can each do something in our own lives to be more sustainable, there simply is a lot more to be done for the world as a whole.

Taking the cause of sustainability on a global scale is the non-profit organization, Sustainable Harvest International (SHI). Having met personally with Sustainable Harvest's Outreach Director, Sarah Kennedy, here at Save With Green, we can sincerely say that SHI is doing a fantastic job in this regard. And they could be doing even more if they only had the resources to do so. That's sort of why we are writing this help get the word out.

The way that Sustainable Harvest carry's out their mission of environmental, economic and social sustainability is by establishing long-term collaborations with farm communities where sustainable land use can be implemented to alleviate poverty and restore ecological stability. A great example of the fruition of SHI's work is in Belize, where over 400 acres of land have been converted into sustainable uses.

So, what does "sustainable uses" exactly mean, you ask? Well, this essentially means anything that can improve lives and protect the environment, which fortunately go hand-in-hand with one another. In regards to Belize, this has amounted to over 400 acres of environmentally friendly diversified crops, over 170,000 planted trees, 300 gardens, 50 wood-conserving stoves and Belize's first eco-sanitation latrine.

Currently, Sustainable Harvest is working with over 1,000 families in 100 communities, and is annually converting over 1,000 acres of land into sustainable agriculture, planting over 100,000 trees and saving over 5,000 acres of forest.

SHI is trying to do more work in Central America (where slash and burn farming is having its toll), but as mentioned earlier, they are lacking the resources. If you personally would like to make a more sustainable difference for the world, and have the resources to do so, please consider making a tax-deductible donation to Sustainable Harvest International (visit link to learn more about sustainable agriculture and to make a donation).


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