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It is a natural human urge to lend a hand and offer help when needed. Even if it's not needed, we often find ourselves wanting to help anyway. So much of the time we are willing to make a difference but don't know how to go about making it happen. First of all, you are already making a difference whether you realize it or not. Whether it's offering a smile to a stranger or encouraging your best friend, the power to make a difference lies in every waking's in the little things, so to speak. Secondly, if you want to make a change, you don't necessarily have to start a global movement. There are many worthwhile causes already taking place that you can help support in many different ways. That's what our activism tips are all about - sharing suggestions on the myriad of ways to make that difference in a collective, exponential way. By being benefactors of peace and love, we will help keep our world the wonderful and peaceful place that we like to call home.