Eco Friendly Holiday Cards


Along with being the most Spirited and Giving time of the year, the Holiday Season is one of the most waste-generating times of the year! Go figure, right? However, don't let that stop you from handing out holiday cards to your generous heart's delight - The reason being is there are green holiday card options out there these days, and guess what? We've tracked them down. Our favorite green holiday cards can be purchased at all of the stores below. Happy Holidays!



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Season's Greenings is our topmost choice for green holiday cards for a number of reasons. First and foremost, these are no ordinary green holiday cards - they are eco chic holiday cards, and are about as green as they come. Not only are the cards themselves printed with vegetable-based ink and eco-friendly toner, they are made of FSC certified paper and are manufactured with 100% wind-powered energy. Currently, there are ten, different unique designs, and each green holiday card comes with one of five eloquent and succinct exterior greeting (your choice), and a printed interior message up to seventy characters (font of your choice). The other great thing about Season's Greenings eco chic holiday cards are that they can be ordered in large quantities for discount prices. This is the perfect solution for mailings within groups and organizations, not to mention anyone with a large family or social network.

In the haste to get our cards mailed off, Christmas and Hanukah presents bought, wrapped, and in many cases, shipped, we oftentimes either flat-out forget to buy green holiday materials for undertaking such tasks, or simply don't have the time to shop around, considering green materials are not always so readily available.

Obviously, it's a good thing to purchase green, eco-friendly gifts. But what about everything else that goes along with it, like the wrapping paper, boxes and cards? Understandably, it can be difficult acquiring these materials, for items like recycled wrapping paper and green holiday cards are not commonly found in larger retail holiday supply stores.

But the internet is an entirely different story. And in the case of premiere, green holiday cards, the internet is probably the only place where you will find the likes of a few, very unique stores. The above mentioned online destinations all carry green holiday cards, in the greenest sense of the term. For our standards here at Save With Green, that means using vegetable based inks and/or eco friendly toner, as well as 100% recycled paper.

Using Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified paper is even better - that means the paper being used to manufacture these green holiday cards comes from sustainably grown and harvested trees, and do NOT come from old growth hardwood trees, which are the Earth's guardians and soldier's in filtering Carbon Dioxide and other warming greenhouse gases.

Peaceful Valley Greetings carries a large selection of tree free cards suitable for the Holiday's or any occasion for that matter. Made from the ecologically friendly Kenaf plant (Hibiscus Cannabinus), which the USDA identifies as the best non-wood paper alternative because of its rapid growth, high yield and exceptional papermaking characteristics (chlorine and other toxic chemicals often used to make traditional paper are not required). Kenaf makes for excellent green holiday cards and eco friendly greeting cards. Peaceful Valley also carries eco friendly, green wrapping paper printed with vegetable based inks and made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper. Peaceful Valley Greetings is Co-Op America Approved and a true steward of environmental business practices. Visit Peaceful Valley Greetings