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When you think of freeze dried herbs, do not think of stored product wasting away in your freezer. Think about the most amazing freshness in a bottle or package that you can imagine. Freeze drying is a dehydration process that locks in all the fragrance, volume, and flavors you would expect if you picked it yourself from your garden. Freeze dried herbs store for lengthy periods of time and are your "go to" products for quality! take a look at the store that carry these herbs today and see for yourself!




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When you think of all those wonderful fragrant culinary delights you make, or the remedies you love to make using herbs, freeze dried herbs may not be the first thing you think of. Well, think again because herbs that are freeze dried stay amazingly fresh. In fact, many of you may think they are kept in a freezer. Nope. Freeze dried herbs are kept in jars just like many herbs are, but they are not kept frozen. Freeze drying herbs, in this case, is the process in which the herbs are dehydrated for fresh, long lasting storage.

The way they are processed and swiftly dehydrated keeps them extremely fresh and fragrant. It really has not much to do with a freezer at all. This is great for those consumers out there that cannot do without fresh herb flavor, but cannot keep a garden or access fresh herbs without paying a bundle of green. Many of us prefer fresh herbs, not even dried when cooking, but when you cannot access fresh herbs; this is the way to go. Freeze dried herbs are not the only things freeze dried. Fruits, spices, and even astronauts eat freeze dried food, and you know that has nothing to do with being stored in a freezer in space. It is simply for retained freshness on the highest level.

Freeze dried herbs are great when process as such because freeze drying does not cause shrinkage. The last thing you want is to lose volume in your herbs.

Right now, you probably already have some sort of freeze dried herb product at home and do not know it. So do not let the term freeze dried fool you, because once you open the jar, the freshness will not! Please take a look at the herb stores and retailers above. We have gained all the needed information regarding their freeze dried offerings by completing reviews and posting them above. We support the companies above and strongly encourage you to take a look at the reviews and decide which store fits you needs. The best part of buying freeze dried herbs online is that you get access to so many great sources and even organic farms. Shipping is very inexpensive if you are charged for it at all. Visit this herb directory often as we will update it whenever we see coupon codes to share with you and whenever any new stores come on the market that we feel are worthy of your business. Take a look above!