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Never before has fair trade wholesale been in such high demand as it is today! With growing interest, higher education of fair trade practices, and the sheer compassion and justice that providing fair wages for amazing handmade products generates, it is no surprise that fair trade wholesale companies are so popular with companies looking to hook up with artisans who are responsible for creating wonderful products to sell in the world marketplace. Below, we find this to be the very best place to purchase whole sale fair trade items to resell. be sure to read the following review, visit this company, and support fair trade today! 



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When looking for fair trade wholesale products, the Internet is a great outlet. Now that we have all this great technology, gaining access to the world market place for wholesale fair trade items has never been easier. Better yet, it is easier to find TRUE fair trade products for you to resell because you have better access and a farther reach due to the Internet. Historically, just being able to reach out to fair trade artisans was almost impossible. Now, thanks to true businesses with fair trade interests at heart, finding talented artisans to work with through certified fair trade business is easier.

Wholesale can mean two things, business to business (you need a business license to purchase at a discount in bulk), or bulk sales to non-license bearing individuals looking to do business in quantity. Most fair trade wholesale companies (or those companies offering wholesale) require a license to purchase at a discount. This is great for a company looking for high quality products to sell in their stores online or retail free-standing businesses. When you are looking for wholesale products to fill your shelves of inventory, you never want to do business with a non-certified fair trade wholesale company because you cannot track that TRUE fair trade practices are in place and being enforced. After all, if you are searching for fair trade products to resell, which you are because you landed on this highly rated review page, you want the best. It is not a matter of any business person wanting to sell items where an artisan was taken advantage of, it is a matter of ensuring the fair trade wholesale items you are buying are legitimate. The companies that we recommend are Fair Trade Certified companies and must adhere to strict fair trade regulations set forth by the Fair Trade Federation.

As we evolve into a planet of fair trade awareness, we become compassionate and understand that there is a true talent to be shared beyond borders. Artisans are everywhere, no matter where they are they deserve fair wages for providing a service whether it is producing goods or providing another service to the marketplace. Any company that deals in fair trade wholesale to support these artisans and to help them achieve the same quality of workplace as everyone deserves is a true testament to eco-friendly drive, sustainability, growth and development of third world counties and communities, and over all green practices.

The company we applaud for offering business to business wholesale fair trade is Earth Divas. Above and beyond your typical fair trade wannabe company, earth Divas is the real deal focusing on true fair trade with artisans from all over the world. This newer fair trade wholesale provider is expanding quickly, offering great products from talented women who truly enjoy the products they make.