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Products produced with fair trade practices in place are not only of some of the best hand made quality, but every time you support a fair trade store, you are sharing the belief that all people deserve to produce and earn a valued income and provide a service. Fair wages and sustainability is what its all about with our recommended fair trade companies. Below, we have not only found great business for you to purchase true fair trade products, but we have forged valued relationships with these companies that we truly support and believe in. Please take the time to read our reviews, visit these companies, and support them with your business as we do.



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Fair trade stores are quickly becoming popular. What does fair trade mean? When you consider the simple fact that most all of the articles of clothing you are wearing right now were not made in the US, also consider what it takes to make the clothing on your back. It takes more than a sewing machine that is for certain.

Fair business practices vary from country to country, region to region. Not all countries practice the same fair trade relations and law. So what is fair trade again? Simply put, it is about not taking full advantage of people to produce a product because they come from a region that does not enforce basic rights. It is about commissioning all these wonderfully talented artisans from these worldwide regions and sharing a profit with them, by paying them a fair wage. It is about ensuring that they are making these products because they want to, not because they are being forced to in some inhumane factory setting.

Fair trade should be practiced in any third world (or any struggling) country that has a product to offer to the worldwide marketplace.

While we work endlessly to provide our readers, visitors, and customers with highly rated companies that are truly eco-friendly, earth conscious, and promote and believe in fair trade, there are fair trade stores out there abusing the term fair trade. We will not and do not promote those types of companies here.

One main point we want to convey to our readers, visitors, and customers about the fair trade stores we recommend is that these are companies that outsource as much of the labor as they possibly can. Beyond purchasing goods from fair trade practices, they provide as much business to these regions as possible. NOT to remove jobs from those in this country, but to provide fair trade to those artisans who enjoy their trade and provide high quality products. We firmly believe the fair trade stores we recommend to have accreditation, dedication, and the desire to support imported goods from people who are paid a fair price, trade and the chance they need to earn a good income. These companies do not support mass produced goods from unaccredited fair trade stores and the people who work there.