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Everyone owns a hat. If not, you will once you visit our recommended stores selling fair trade hats. Whether making a fashion statement or you need to keep warm, hats are the way to go. Handmade hats from a quality company supporting fair trade are DEFINITELY the way to go. A great feature about buying fair trade hats is that you are typically buying an item from an exotic locale that uses vibrant materials made from unique materials. Be sure to check out our top recommended company today and see just what we mean buy high quality, true certified fair trade hats.  



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Hats are probably the most eye catching accessories we see on others. Hats can be decorations, political statements (are written on them all the time), required uniform, and fashion statements. But hats often serve a purpose as protection from weather. Most commonly hats are fashion statements worn to impress. Fair trade hats are making their way into the main stream as we have better understanding of what fair trade is and how important it is to support those artisans who make fair trade hats. Any company out there that sells certified fair trade items and products is someone who truly supports giving a chance to people who deserve fair wages for there services. It wasn’t too long ago when major retailers outsourced their clothing purchases to third world countries (unfortunately some STILL DO) were clothes we made on the cheap and the poor people (many children) making these items worked in horrible conditions for deplorable wages, just so these major retailers could have huge profits. Now that there are reputable, certified fair trade companies out there supporting women, artisans of all kind, and investing in hand made goods that are made because the person making them wants to and is paid well.

Fair trade hats are popular and available in a ton of styles. Everyone loves a hat. Hats are multi purposed and fun to wear.

We highly recommend Earth Divas for your fair trade hat purchases. This company works personally with a co-op of female artisans, many of which are in India and Nepal. What makes this company stand out is there desire to make an honest living and support the women who create such amazing fair trade hats and other accessories. Hats are also great conversation starters. What better than a conversation that revolves around a cool hat made by hand, by a woman who created a good life for herself, supported by a fantastic company to sells these hats in the worldwide marketplace? Talk about fair trade whenever you can! Enlighten your friends and family today!

You can leave your hat on! After all, it is an amazing hat if you bought at Earth Divas!