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Style is important to everyone. We are not saying that you should be a slave to fashion, but style in its true sense can mean many things. Fair trade bags are style, the meaning behind them is style. Knowing you are carrying around a bag that was produced by an artisan who earned fair pay by fair trade practices is style. Knowing the fair trade bags you own was made with pride as is affordable is style. Below, we support this fine company because it is a certified company selling bags, purses and other great accessories that are hand made by proud artisans from all over the world.



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When looking for bags and other fashion accessories online, you won’t have to look far. To find quality, certified fair trade bags, you might have to look further. The good news is that you are here on this page. Above, we have forged a relationship with only certified fair trade companies providing fair trade bags, purses, wallets, backpacks, and other fashion accessories.

Historically, even finding countries and communities that practiced fair trade was almost impossible to find. Thanks to the Internet, you can find reputable fair trade companies selling top notch, handmade bags, accessories and other fashion items. Now, with further education, we have a better understanding about what fair trade practices actually consist of and why certified companies are important to deal with.

The fair trade bags and accessories sold at the stores we recommend are all certified. Most all of the items were even made from recycled and earth friendly materials. Recycled cotton, recycled silk, hemp and even cashmere are popular with fair trade bags and accessories. Imagine wearing a cashmere fair trade hat! Another great thing about working personally and exclusively with fair trade co-ops and artisans is that they are most always located in exotic places from all corners of the planet, so they have the ability to use exotic materials.

The company we congratulate for offering fashionable fair trade bags and other accessories is Earth Divas. Above and beyond your typical fair trade wannabe company, earth Divas is the real deal and has the absolute latest fashions you can find that were hand made by true artisans worldwide. Earth Divas works hand in hand with women from mostly Nepal and India (and is expanding to other co-ops. The women providing earth Divas their inventory are personally known and are proud of their skills and abilities to create some of the most beauty fair trade bags, hats and more.