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If you've ever studied the roots and history of shamanism, you probably already know what ethnobotanical herbs are. Vitally important to the rich heritage of medicinal and ritualistic herbalism, the moderate use of ethnobotanicals are a great way to connect with Nature and spirituality. Many of the herbs used have now been verified by modern medicine to be effective at treating the ailments they were once used to treat thousands of years ago!


Bouncing Bear is our absolute top choice for hard-to-find ethnobotanicals, ranging from Amanita Muscaria to cactus varieties.

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Good luck finding ethnobotanical herbs in your local herb store. It's the online world where we have tracked down the best ethnobotanical herb dealers in business today. The online stores listed above are our top picks. Not only do they offer a large selection of ethnobotanicals, they offer reasonable prices. Please note that ethnobotanical herbs are not intended for recreational use, nor should they be. Please respect the heritage and shamanic uses of these herbs and use only as recommended.

Bouncing Bear Botanicals is a great source for ethnobotanical herbs, as well as herb seeds, mushrooms and cactus. All of their herbals are ethnobotanical, meaning they have been used for various cultural uses, including both medicinal and ritualistic practices. Bouncing Bear carries a large selection in various forms at prices as little as $3 for 114 grams. Please note that these herbs should never be used for recreational purposes, but should be respected for their spiritual inducing qualities and used in utmost moderation.

Bouncing Bear Botanicals is the place to go for unique grow kits, as well as "dream inducing herbs" and ethnobotanicals designed to connect man to Nature and to each one's spiritual journey toward enlightenment. Ethnobotanical herbs offered at Netherlands based Shamanic Extracts include Salvia, mushroom spores and mushroom growkits, cactus seeds and cactus growkits, peyote and more. Best sellers include various concentrations of Salvia Divinorum and Peyote seeds.