Using eco finishes and paint is a great way to say goodbye to toxic chemicals in your nest home improvement job. Whether you are stripping the old, chemically based (VOCs) off your walls and furniture or you are moving into your new place, consider the health benefits you and your loved ones will benefit from by using eco finishes and paint in your home. Eco-friendly paint, stripper, adhesives and other green home improvement supplies are sold affordably below. Take a look…



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Since you are here, you are most likely looking for a way to make your home or business more eco-friendly when you paint, finish or improve surfaces. Look no further than this store directory for all your eco-friendly paints and supplies. The stores we suggest above are all remarkable eco-friendly paint product providers. First, let’s get a little more acquainted with eco-friendly painting supplies for home and such.

When you are at your local big box home improvement store (you know what stores we mean), you can simply become distracted buy all the inexpensive, more potentially hazardous paints, not to mention all the other items you see that you simply do not need (impulse buying costs). That is the attractiveness of buying online. You buy the best eco-friendly paints and supplies and save yourself from those impulse buys at the register and elsewhere. You have access to several options.

Here are a few basic things you will want to look for in eco-finishes and paints:

- As far as the EPA is concerned, the concentration of pollutants inside your home is several times higher than what you’ll find outside. Without appropriate aeration, airborne chemicals accumulate indoors and ultimately cause damage to our health. Indoor air pollution contains volatile organic compounds commonly referred to as VOCs. Eco-friendly paints will be low in VOCs or have zero VOCs.

- In the past, the quality of many natural and eco-friendlier paints is frequently criticized because colors would tend to fade and you could not really wash the walls without perhaps adding touch-up. These days, and at the stores above, eco paints, in particular some newer lime washes, are notably more hard-wearing, washable, and honestly last much longer.

Now that you have background information about eco-finishes and paint in general, be certain to take a look at the reviews we are working on above for the stores we highly suggest for environmentally friendly paint products at supplies. Each store above has our planet's health in mind as well as your budget when providing the best quality eco-friendly painting supplies.