Say no to VOCs and harsh chemicals and yes to eco-friendly concrete sealer. The stores we advocate below all have a great selection of high end, top quality home improvement supplies and building materials, in this case we are focusing on concrete sealer. For truly eco-friendly, health friendly sealer, visit the stores below where finding affordability does not sacrifice- quality. When you want products made by a company that has your wallet, your health, and the earth in mind, shop below …



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A high quality concrete sealer promotes a protective skin which protects concrete beneath the surface and makes cleaning much easier. Eco-friendly concrete sealer contains no harmful, toxic ingredients and will contain no VOCs (volatile organic compound). Sealers, depending on what surface you are protecting, prevent moisture, UV rays, mold, mildew, and other chemicals or biological pollutants from weakening and fading the surface.

Another purpose for sealers is to prevent the sealed area/surface from off-gassing.

Unfortunately, many building materials used today are laden with toxic chemicals. They add to the problem of indoor air pollution and chemical sensitivity through a process of evaporation called off-gassing.

Now, even some of the so called earth-friendly sealers you will see on the market that contain zero VOCs still contain toxic ingredients that are nor governed by regulations. For example, some building materials (like plywood) contain ingredients such as acetone and formaldehyde. But because acetone is not a VOC, it is not required to be listed as an ingredient in the plywood; nevertheless it is a serious irritant and causes nausea, headaches and other symptoms.

So, you are probably wondering how to obtain truly eco-friendly sealant (in this case concrete sealant). No worries, this concrete sealant directory will point you in the right direction to companies selling truly eco-friendly, non-toxic sealants. Take a look above. You will not find any big box companies hawking their so called eco-friendly wares in this directory, only stores who have created products with the earth in mind from the get-go.