Composting is not only fruitful to you, its fruitful for our planet. To compost, you just need a bit of space (even city dwellers are doing it) and a good compost bin. The stores we recommend below carry compost supplies and great containers and bins from your compost needs. If you are new to composting, this is a great place to start. Here, you will find all types of compost bin products in all shapes and sizes to fit in a little space or a major bin for he backyard!


Welcome to our compost bin directory where we provide you with the best stores selling compost bins online today. The knack of composting has been part of our global society for hundred and hundreds of years. Since the early days, composting has become easier to do even in small places thanks to technology.

Those of you reading this may be looking for a new compost bin, or perhaps you are new to composting and want some info about it.

The essential practices of composting are easy, and following them will result in an well-organized and thriving result. Studies have shown that home composting can deflect an annual average of 700 lbs. of material for each home doing it. Composting is an exceptional way to stay away from both wasting functional, natural resources and creating further environmental problems (which our planet simply does not need), and produce a high quality and inexpensive soil additive to your organic garden. Start up cost is inexpensive and buying a compost bin is a great start. Simply put, composting is the conversion of organic material /plant matter through the decomposition process into a naturally enriched soil-like product called compost.

The process is aided and completed by insects and earthworms, bacteria and fungi. Being a green business advocate and directory here at SaveWithGreen, we especially love that composting is a natural form of recycling!

Take a look at these amazing companies we review and support above. They carry a wide variety of organic and natural gardening supplies including the perfect sized compost bin for your needs.