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Cod liver oil supplements are jam-packed with healthful benefits. From healthy looking skin to promotion of hearth health, cod liver oil is as good for your health and well-being as vitamin A and D put together with the benefits of DHA and EPA. The companies we provide you with below have all been reviewed for their quality, price, customer service and eco-friendliness. Be sure to read the very bottom of this page for useful info about cod liver oil supplements as well.



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Cod liver oil supplements are a great source of DHA, EPA, vitamin A and D. All of these nutrients are very helpful for healthy skin, strong bones, teeth and joints, healthy heart, healthy digestive tract, and healthy nervous system/prevention of depression and mood disorders. You could say that cod liver oil supplements cover many bases in promoting your health and well-being.

Now we mentioned a couple nutrients in cod liver oils supplements (above) that may need a little explanation. DHA is a fatty acid that is essential in promoting nervous system health and eye health. It also helps in the aid against depression. DHA is also recommended in prenatal care. EPA is a fatty acid that works in the favor of your heart health. It has anti-inflammatory properties taken help with arthritis. It is also linked in the promotion of emotional health.

You have probably heard of Vitamins A and D before. They are found in many supplements other than cod liver oil as well. Vitamin A is great for vision, skin, strong mucosal linings, and digestive health. Vitamin D is essential in reducing cancer risk as well as healthy bones and teeth, immune system health, high blood pressure and more.

Cod liver oil supplements are a great way to gain all these benefits in one pill. Be sure to visit the stores we recommend above. They not only sell cod liver oil supplements, they sell a wide variety of healthful supplements made with the highest quality ingredients. We are an eco-friendly directory so you will only find healthful supplements produced by companies making health food items made as naturally and as organically as possible. As you know, not all supplements are created equal. The companies we advocate above provide superior quality, eco-friendly products and/or practice green business.

Helpful hint: Cod liver oil supplements are somewhat mild in taste, but they do come in flavored varieties. If you do purchase flavored varieties, just make sure the flavorings are made from natural ingredients. Adding to many dyes, flavorings and chemical defeats the purpose of eating natural foods.

Weight loss: Foods containing, and fiber supplements containing lots of fiber have more bulk to them than foods containing low fiber amounts. If taken in the correct form at the correct time and at proper quantity, fiber can sometimes reduce hunger pains!