When you are looking to buy organic soil, you certainly have options thanks to this directory. Whether you already garden organically or you are first starting out, these companies not only sell the best quality organic gardening supplies. You can buy organic soil additives for compost, buy organic composting supplies and more. Organic soil is the key to a happy healthy garden. Give your garden plants, veggies, and fruits the best possible host - happy soil. Organic soil is low maintenance and saves you work and money in the long run. Just read the very bottom of this page if you need some info and shop the awesome stores below...


When you buy organic soil you are helping the planet, but you are also creating less work for yourself and the use of extra harmful chemicals is simply not needed. Organic soil is so naturally enriched that it takes less water to thrive and already contains an amazing amount of rich nutrients that make a successful garden. If that’s not eco-friendly, what is?

When you go to buy organic soil, you will notice they are most often compost based soils and as mentioned, requires less water than conventional soils. Not only does it mean less work, but less watering means gardeners save money and water is conserved and you still get a beautiful, lush garden. When you buy organic soil and practice other organic gardening techniques as buying other organic gardening supplies, you help contribute to sustainability on earth. An organic garden is an earth-loving garden, keeping your pets, family, the environment, your wallet, and yourself much healthier in the long run.

Still not sure about why you should buy organic soil? Take a look:

- Organic soil contains higher levels of nutrients

- No harmful chemicals to threaten your pets and

- Fruits and veggies taste better and are safe to eat

- Organic soil tests at a minimal or zero pesticide residue level

- Does not leak health hazardous chemicals into ground water supply

- Organic soil is the standard for certified organic gardening and

You just have to take a look at the amazing stores we recommend above! Above, all our top recommended stores are listed. Once there, you will notice a whole new world of organic gardening possibilities. These companies not only sell organic soil for you to buy, they are eco-friendly companies. Buy organic soil, and grow a healthy garden.

TIP: For those of you who already compost (creating your own organic soil), you will benefit even further by soil organic soil additives (compost booster).