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Depending on your age, you might remember having milk delivered by the milk man. It was probably good milk too! Well, those days are here again (except the man works for FedEx or UPS). The stores below deliver groceries to your home, quickly and affordably. Buy organic milk in powered form easily from these awesome organic food stores. We have these specific stores selected because they are the best stores online to buy organic milk from and other groceries!


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Demand for organic milk is the highest it has ever been. Making the earth and animal friendly decision to buy organic milk is a conscious one. The first time you taste organic milk; this decision turns into a desire. Beyond all the eco-friendly reasons for buying organic milk, it just tastes better. The demand is so high that the catch phrase for the milk industry needs to change from got milk? to got organic milk? If you play your cards right, you can easily find organic milk at relatively the same price as regular milk. PS, you are playing your cards right because you found this directory on where to buy organic milk.

Some consumers buy organic milk for health benefits, others for environmental and animal rights’ reasons. The US Dept. of Agriculture has 4 different requirements to classify milk as organic, and misunderstanding abounds about each of these requirements.

The first requirement is that any milk labeled USDA Organic is required to come from cows that have not been treated with the enhancing milk production bovine growth hormone (BGH). Secondly, no antibiotics can be used to treat any cows making organic milk. Thirdly, the feed these cows eat must be pesticide free. Last but not least, the cows producing the organic milk must have grazing time.

Before you buy organic milk, investigate the company that produces it. What are there guidelines for grazing? Do they let their cows roam properly? What exactly are their cows eating? We mention these questions because there are many ways for so called organic milk companies to sidestep proper care of the cows they use to make organic milk. The stores we recommend above have made a commitment to the green movement and have many eco-friendly accreditations. Buy organic milk from the stores above! They sell a wide variety of organic foods that you may find very appealing to accompany your organic milk.

Worth noting: many online organic grocers have amazing ways to ship cold, fresh items. Organic milk products come in power form for east shipping.