Get your lawn and garden looking the best it can by keeping up with it! No eco-friendly home is complete without the use of biodegradable leaf bags for your garden and lawn waste. Even if you compost (or take your waste to a community compost), biodegradable leaf bags are the way to go. Typically GMO free and usually made of cornstarch, these co-friendly waste bags are found at the fine stores we recommend below in this directory. These gardening stores have the earth's health and your budget in mind.


If you don’t compost or reuse your fallen leaves, pine needles and other tree droppings lawn cuttings as mulch, biodegradable leaf bags are the way to go. There are times when even the savviest recycler can’t save all of their leaves (especially if you are running a landscaping business. If this is the case, do your part to be eco-friendly and use biodegradable leaf bags. Those nasty plastic lawn bags are a horrible way to pack up all your extra leaves and such. Plastic lawn bags are actually not as cheap in cost as you might think; biodegradable lawn care bags are comparable in price these days due in part to their burgeoning popularity.

This directory we have created has links to all the best online garden supply stores that carry biodegradable leaf bags. Being the eco-friendly directory that we are, we have listed companies that have saving the earth and saving your money in mind. Why buy online? You get the best prices, it is fast (as we have done all the searching for you), and competition keeps shipping either free or low cost.

If you are on the fence, consider this:

- Biodegradable leaf bags are durable and strong enough to handle the toughest yard jobs. The materials they are made from are just as strong, if not stronger than inorganic plastic.

- Many communities (especially eco-communities) have banned the use of standard plastic bags for yard waste removal, because polyethylene-based plastic bags can’t be composted with the yard/garden waste or burned without noxious fumes. - Most biodegradable leaf bags are made from cornstarch. When disposed, these types of bags will biodegrade as naturally as food scraps with leaving behind any harmful gases.

- Just say no to GMO, biodegradable leaf bags are most always GMO free.