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If not, please read our little "treatise" further below on what exactly entails yoga clothing and "affordable" yoga clothing at that. Immediately below are our top selections of yoga clothing stores offering online sales.


The word "affordable" and yoga clothes usually don't go together, and when they do, it's most often something of a Catch-22. Honestly folks, we have spent many hours searching the internet for true yoga clothing. In other words, we could have very well put up some links to a few stores claiming to sell yoga clothing at very cheap prices. The "catch" and reality of the situation, however, is that their "yoga clothes" are actually "workout clothes". If you already do yoga, you know how important it is for your clothing to be flexible and to be able to breathe. Especially for hot yoga, choosing the right fabric is very important. Furthermore, you don't want to buy yoga clothing that is cheaply made. Believe us. You don't want to be doing a downward dog only to have your crotch seam rip open. Purchase some cheap workout clothing, give it a few machine washes and you will soon see for yourself. Another point to consider is where the fabric in your yoga clothes is coming from. You might already be keen on the importance of wearing organic cotton (for the environment and yourself). If not, let's just say that it takes 1/3 of a pound of chemicals to grow the cotton made in a single cotton T-Shirt. That has a great toll on the environment, not to mention long-term side effects for your health. We know it isn't realistic for everybody to have a completely organic wardrobe. However, every little bit helps. Going with organic yoga apparel is a great start.


Featured Store Reviews:

Asana Green gets our topmost recommendation for yoga clothing, not just because it is affordable, but also because it's one of the more comprehensive collections of yoga clothing we've come across - especially for men, which is often lagging at yoga clothing stores. As their name implies, Asana Green is not just one of those companies trying to make a quick buck off the green movement. They are committed, first and foremost, to fostering yoga as a path to well being for mind, body and Spirit - not an exercise regiment. Going hand-in-hand with this ideal is Asana's commitment to green living standards, and as such, all of their yoga clothing is based in 100% organic cotton with spandex for reinforcement. In other words, this is affordable yoga clothing that won't fall apart on you. Furthermore, Asana Green walks the walks, being a proud member of Search their website by category (women's, men's and sale items) or brand, which include top brands like Prana, Green Apple and Beckons. For women, there is a great selection of tops (tunics, camis, thermals and tanks), tees, pants and capri style pants. For men, Asana Green carries one of the more diverse selections on the Web. Typically, men have no more options than a single pair of yoga pants, but at Asana there are crop pants, sutra pants, stretch pants, as well as several yoga shorts for under $40. Everything you need for a serious yoga regiment can be found at Asana Green.

Gaiam was established in 1988. At Gaiam they believe (as should we all) that positive change comes from within. This company's focus on your personal development, health and wellness and global consciousness will show you the path to transformation. At Gaiam you will find amazing yoga clothing, gear and more. They have the bestselling Balance Ball Chair that is almost always on sale at the best price available online. You’ll find inspirational products, media and solutions for healthy living, environmental wellness and renewal of spirit. When it comes to well-being, Gaiam provides you with the best yoga lifestyle products. Gaiam has expanded into Home Products too. Not stopping at the yoga aspect of life, they are encompassing the entire home now. 100% Green Packaging and amazing prices are at Gaiam everyday.Visit Gaiam to view their entire lineup of affordable yoga clothing and more.

Urban Yogis probably offers the largest selection of the hippest yoga clothing we've seen online. What makes them a great place to buy yoga clothing is that Urban Yogis is dedicated to nothing but yoga clothing. Furthermore, who better to know about functional yoga clothing than a New York yoga collective. Yep, that's right. Urban Yogis is based out of New York City, which is arguably considered the yoga capital of the United States. You have to see the pictures of yoga clothing on their website to get a feel for just how unique Urban Yogis yoga apparel is. Where else can you find "Mantra Pants", "Asana T-shirts", "Mantra Bra Tops" all with really cool and hip sanskrit designs? Nowhere else that we know of. And considering the quality and uniqueness of Urban Yogis yoga clothing, the prices are reasonable too. Look for great savings in Urban Yogis' clearance section. There is also a better selection for guys here than most online yoga shops.

Element Eco Wear carries the Earth Positive apparel line, which is 100% organic and has a 90% reduced Carbon footprint! Yoga clothing includes soy, bamboo, organic cotton pants and tops for both women and men. Reversible yoga capri pants are a top recommendation. Bamboo yoga clothing is processed with the most eco-friendly manufacturing techniques available.5% of annual gross profit earned by Element Eco Wear are donated to a variety of outstanding non-profits that Save With Green supports.

Green America approved, Yes It's Organic carries a large selection of organic cotton yoga clothing for women and men, including tanks, t-shirts and yoga pants. Different yoga clothing brands can be found here, including Jonano and Beckon's Organic, as well as a variety of pant and blouse styles, including skorts, wide leg, capri and flared leg yoga pants, sleeveless tops, reversible sports bras, cami tanks (cami dresses to) and organic cotton yoga long sleeve and short sleeve T-shirts. Free shipping on all orders over $149 and a 30-day return policy on all purchases. All purchases are offset too, for Yes It's Organic purchases monthly renewable wind energy certificates through "Green Certified".

Bamboosa is a leader in manufacturing sustainable bamboo clothing. Specializing in organic bamboo clothing for babies, Bamboosa also offers a selection of bamboo tanks and T-shirts for men and women. What makes these especially good for yoga (not to mention the planet), is the fact that they are made from bamboo. Not only do organic bamboo T-shirts stay 2-3 degrees cooler in hot temperatures and warmer in cool temperatures, bamboo fabric absords water 3-4 times better than cotton and has the feel of silk or cashmere on the skin. Furthermore, Bamboosa's bamboo is grown without pesticides and chemicals, and is 100% biodegradable. As for the apparel, it is not manufactured with bleach, and most products are free of dye. Bamboosa is a member of the Organic Trade Association and Co-op America, and gets our topmost recommendation.

In terms of affordability and quality, Organic Style gets our topmost recommendation. Specializing in yoga clothing for women, all of Organic Style's tops (ranging from wraps to tanks) and pants are made from USDA organic cotton and are certified organic by Quality Assurance International. Color dyes are SKAL certified for Sustainable Textile Production (available in black, cobalt and green tea) and everything is fitted for yoga. Roll top waists and flared bottoms are the norm for all of Organic Style's yoga pants, which come in XS, S, M, L and XL. Furthermore, all of their products are shipped according to environmentally friendly eco-packaging standards (recycled materials and water-based inks). Another standout difference of Organic Style is their customer loyalty program. For every purchase made, customer's receive "eco-points". A purchase of yoga pants, for instance, divvies out 20 points. And for every 10 points earned, $1 will be taken off the next purchase. With sale prices offering yoga pants under $20 and shirts for under $15, that's some serious savings.