It's All About Us


Well, at least on this page it's all about us! And pray do tell, what is that exactly?

To put it in a nutshell (how's that for sustainable?), is a comprehensive guide to holistic and natural living. Our green living guide and natural products directory caters to people already living the "green" way as well as those who are curious or ready to green up their lives. Seeking to do more than just get people to go green, aims to help mankind get back into harmony with Nature and to restore balance on many levels.

In it's planning stages, SaveWithGreen started out as a means to help conserve and save the earth. Since that time, our understanding of what it means to be green has evolved to encompass what we believe to be the Green Way of Life...A holistic approach to living. With that in mind, we set out to create a green living guide that not only explains how to go green, but also makes it possible. This idea gave birth to our own catch phrase, "Save Money, Save the Earth, Save Yourself.

The "Save Money" part is important. Let's face it. Since the demand for green products has been relatively low leading up to our current times, the cost for green products has notoriously been significantly higher than non-earth-friendly products. We ourselves once shied away from certain earth-friendly products because we simply could not afford them! However, we soon realized that what we truly could not afford losing was our precious habitat here on Earth, not to mention our own personal well being. We finally said enough was enough, and we started doing research - lots and lots of research! What we found out was that prices for green products are coming down because the demand is growing. Furthermore, what many people fail to realize is that "going green" is a more efficient way to live and ends up saving more money in the long run.

The "Save the Earth" part is even more important. The threat of global warming has sparked many individuals to start thinking along "green" lines, and hence the current surge in consciousness. Conserving and protecting the earth has become a must in our current times.

The "Save Yourself" part is most important of all, and goes hand-in-hand with saving the earth. This is the basis of our Green Living Guide, which provides a wealth of information on integrating all of the principles of holistic and healthy living.

Being committed to activism and unbiased research, we pledge to always validate the information we share on for accuracy, and will never recommend a green product if it does not meet our high standards of sustainability and quality. In regards to our green store and products directory, we primarily look for companies that are organically certified, fair trade certified and/or belong to Co-op America. Above all, we look for businesses that are committed to sustainability, social and environmental activism and healthy lifestyles.

As for our own business operations, we use 100% wind powered electricity and 100% of our website hosting is offset by energy certificates through Host Papa. And whenever we do mailings....oh wait, we don't do mailings! If you have any questions whatsoever, you may email us at: