Essential Tips

Best Practices to Reduce Electricity Bills
Not only are these tips easy to put into practice, they will save you hundreds of dollars in as little as one year's time. Talk about a no-brainer.

Considerations for Green Travel
Feel like getting out? A vacay? Before leaving a giant trail of Carbon footprints across Mother Earth, consider these eco travel tips.

Make Your Own Reusable Organic Cloth Diapers
Did you know that most babies go through 6,000 diapers by two years of age? Yep, that's one big landfill of stinky wasted money.

Top Health Foods for Youthful Skin
If there's anything that could possibly get us to change our stubborn, unhealthy ways, surely it's vanity. Wanna look good? Then eat up!

About Upcycling & Why it Matters
Want to take self-expression to the next level? Well, before you don that sequined headband, try giving "salvage art" a try.

UV Natural Sun Screen Review
While the sun's rays can be undeniably harsh on your skin, so too can non-natural, chemical ridden sunscreen products.

Vegan Diet Menu Tips
As much as we want to tell you that a good Vegan need only abstain from eating animal bi-products, it's more easily said than done.

How to Become an Energy Auditor
Not only will you help save energy, there's a lot of money to be made in this field. Energy auditing is in high demand, and we will show you how!

Catchment If You Can!!!
As much as we like rainwater catchment barrels, we would love it even more if eco-advocate Leo DiCaprio came out with his own line...Get it now?

The Inside Pour on Organic Wines
Get your wine glasses out, 'cause Green Guru and organic wine expert, Amy Wermuth, is going to give you an enlightening pour.

The Only Health Elixir Suitable for Royalty
Although William and Kate haven't yet publicly confessed their addiction to Royal Jelly beehive products, it's true that beehive jelly helps you look & feel Royally good!

Buy Fairtrade Certified Chocolate for Africa
Ever heard the phrase guilt-free chocolate? Well, get ready for some serious guilt if you're not eating Fair Trade Certified Chocolate!

Synthetic Skin & Body Care Ingredients
To avoid. But here's the thing - You will read this and think, "Wow, I should really avoid these". And yet, you won't. Don't be that person.

Calendual Recipes for Tinctures and Oils
If you were named Herb of the Year, we'd write up a tip about you too. But you're not an herb...Or are you? Either way, here's to Calendula!

Therapy for Your Halo?
While we're not talking about an old fashioned aura cleansing per say, there's no denying the therapeutic wonders of Salt.


Best Practices to Save Money & Go Green


Here at, we're obsessed with two things. Saving money and going green. Take that back...What we mean to say is saving money while going green. But wait, also forgot to mention that we are inexplicably drawn to anything upcycled, have a deep crush on the eco chic, love to pontificate on renewable energy and harbor a nerd-like fondness for eco gadgetry. You get the point. Now that you know what we're about, please do yourself a favor and check out our Green Blog containing a plethora of sustainable innovation and wellness, our best practice Going Green Tips section for saving money while going green, and the place that brings it full circle to help your save that money - Our Green Products directory and Daily Green Deals page. We just so happen to be one of the largest green deal aggregators on the internet, showcasing the latest and greatest green product deals and online clearance sales up to 80% Off ! You can try to keep up with everything by Following us on Twitter and Liking us on Facebook and Signing up for our Newsletter over there to your right. You're other right.


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